Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring planting

Decided to ramp up our gardening effort this spring, with starting seeds indoors for the first time with grow lights and warming mats. Last year we did some with trying to use sunlight, but the plants were leaning toward the window too much, and getting leggy. While they transplanted ok, could have thived better with a better setup. This spring we planted two kinds of tomotoes, broccoli, and various peppers.

They are in my workroom in the basement. I'm starting 10 starter trays with 36 cells in each, and still have seeds left over. I think we'll watch the sprouting, and quickly infill any duds with the leftover seeds.

Actually, one of the trays has Impatiens in it for the planters here at home, the veggies will all go north in May.

As you can see it takes a lot of care to get these puppies wired up correctly.

With the scads of dry bean seeds we bought, I think we may be in over our heads this year. The tiller is going to be working OT once we get up there and the weather is right. Did *I emntion the potatoes we plan to plant also??